Time to fettle the Northumbrian Smallpipes…

The sun is shining, the bees are buzzing (amazingly for February!) and so were the Northumbrian Smallpipes after some rather overdue ‘fettling’.

All piping (Uilleann, Northumbrian or otherwise) involves a certain amount of ‘fettling’ especially when the weather/seasons change, which can play havoc with your tuning if it happens suddenly and catches you unawares. Brass and metal work were polished, bores were oiled, bindings were re-hemped as required, and drone reeds tweaked, flicked and generally faffed with!
A day or two devoted to maintaining them every now and then is well worth the effort – you just have to be in the right mood to tackle the 17-key chanters with the polishing cloth…

Northumbrian Smallpipes by Colin Ross and Dave McQuade

Pictured above are my trusty Colin Ross Boxwood and brass 17-Key F set, and Andy May concert G chanter, and a lovely wee 16-Key G set by Dave McQuade in Blackwood and Nickel Silver. Both beautiful, but completely different beasts in tone and character. Dave McQuade taught me to play way back in the early 80’s so I am delighted and honoured to play a set that he has made.

artSBridge: putting Sowerby Bridge on the map right NOW!



ArtSBridge is a grassroots community organization,  dedicated to supporting artists and other creative people, and is based in Sowerby Bridge. Winners of the 2014 Halifax Courier Community Spirit award, they put on cultural events throughout the year, from book launches to film screenings, and a yearly week-long festival in December. The first Sowerby Bridge arts festival was in 2013.

awardThe festival works to showcase local talent and special guests, and works in co-operation with the local library service, schools, churches and community groups, to engage the local community and encourage the young and old to be part of creative arts.

We’re proud of Sowerby Bridge and the ever-developing Community Spirit, and we’re also proud of the creative talents that live and work in the area.

artSBridge welcomes creative minds to join our merry band! We seek artists and performers, those who have time to volunteer services and skills, and all who would like to contribute in administrative, promotional or other capacities.

N.B. This text was copied shamelessly from their fantastic website where you can find out a whole lot more about what’s going on at www.artsbridge.co.uk


GTG are pleased to be a part of this years festival – do come along and support us

GTG at arTSbridge Thursday 11th December 2014