Learning the Uilleann (Irish) Pipes

The Uilleann pipes are one of the most highly developed (complicated!) of all bagpipes, with a chanter sounding two full octaves, as well as drones and regulators. If you aspire to become an Uilleann (Irish) piper then lessons with Becky will help get you off to the right start aiming to get you playing your first tune within a month of getting going.

Lessons are offered at the following stages of piping:

Uilleann Irish pipe lessons
  • Complete Beginner
  • Intermediate/Improvers
  • Advanced

Beginners lessons focus on establishing the basics of good piping technique:-

  • Essential Bag and Bellows technique.
  • Basic fingering, ‘on’ and ‘off’ the knee scales.
  • Venturing into the upper octave.
  • Drones and tuning.
  • Posture and hand positioning.
  • Dealing with squeaks and leaks!
  • Your first tune.
  • Introduction to Ornamentation – the basics.
  • Irish traditional tune types and styles.

This will help you make quick progress and establish a solid basis when you move ahead to Intermediate/Improvers and Advanced levels:

  • Increasing Repertoire (more tunes!)
  • Tips and tricks.
  • More complex ornamentation types (‘rolls’, ‘crans’, triplets and more!)
  • Developing your style.
  • Introducing the regulators.
  • Pipe fettling! Basic pipe maintenance..
  • How to ‘practise’ and improve your playing.
  • Preparing for performance

Concert or Flat Pitch pipes catered for.

Contact becky@beckytaylor.info for further details and to arrange your lesson

4 thoughts on “Learning the Uilleann (Irish) Pipes

  1. Hi. I just bought a half uilleann set.
    Took me a day to figure out assembly.
    Just a problem keeping the nots now clean n concise. Without trashing the sound.
    I dont know how to play tge warbli g great sounds the pipes can atain.

    • Hi David,
      Teaching rates for lessons are from £18 for 30 minutes, £28 for an hour with payment by BACS transfer or Paypal. Due to the ongoing situation with Covid all my lessons continue to be delivered online. Face-to-face lessons will resume as soon as restrictions allow and I am hoping this will be in the next month. All the best, Becky.

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