Learning to play – Folk Fiddle

The violin/ fiddle is one of the most popular instruments for playing traditional folk music. It is lightweight, portable, and with a wide range of quality instruments easily available. Lessons with Becky will help get you off to the right start in your fiddle playing aiming to get you started on your first tune within a month of getting going.

Lessons are offered at the following stages of fiddle playing:

  • Complete Beginner
  • Intermediate/Improvers
  • Advanced

Beginners lessons focus on establishing the basics of good fiddle technique:-

  • Posture and hand positioning.
  • Basic scales, finger position and tuning.
  • Basic bowing techniques.
  • Your first tune.
  • Introduction to Ornamentation – the basics.
  • Traditional tune types and styles.

This will help you make quick progress and establish a solid basis when you move ahead to Intermediate/Improvers and Advanced levels:

  • Increasing Repertoire (more tunes!)
  • Tips and tricks.
  • More complex ornamentation types (‘rolls’, ‘crans’, triplets and more!)
  • Developing your style.
  • Playing with others and in sessions.
  • How to ‘practise’ and improve your playing.
  • Preparing for performance.

Contact becky@beckytaylor.info or here for further details and to arrange your lesson