Songbird and the Castlekelly

Spring time in Yorkshire

Today feels like the first proper day of Spring 2018 in Yorkshire, the clocks have ‘sprung’ forwards and the evenings are lighter. Today it even felt warm in the sunshine prompting a rare splurge of spring cleaning (ok, tidying!) with the windows open. Despite being located relatively near a main road the birds were singing away outside and as I got started I came across a scrap of paper with some notes scribbled on it taking me back to this time last year…


The first snippet

I am no ornithologist, but I do my best to encourage birds to the garden with a bird feeder and bird bath which is kept topped up most of the time.  Around this time last year I started to notice a particular snippet of birdsong. It was loud, clear and could be heard  regularly both morning and night being distinct from the ‘ordinary’ sound the birds make in the garden. I made a note of it (as you do).

After a couple of weeks the distinctive call developed, still the same pattern but with an extra note at the end. I updated my note.  Continue reading