The Forgetting Room

Very excited to be involved in The Forgetting Room project……

The Forgetting Room




Jeff Noon acclaimed writer and avid Twitter communicator, decided to create the Microspores, 140 character stories, complete stories. Jeff threw out a challenge to have composer contributors write 40 second musical pieces of music to be played alongside the Microspores; many were created and are on the Microspore site to hear. However the work of Jonathan Taylor and The Forgetting Room were the chosen pieces that Jeff believed could be taken from their 40 second birthplace to a full album, The Ghost Codes another of Jeff’s projects.

Here you will find that work, the full tracks are in the stage of final mix, the album hailed as probably the must have album of the year will be available late November 2012.

Remixing Narrative
Dub fiction is a way of remixing text.
The technique can be used to produce new, standalone stories or poems. It also works as a way of creating a second text that works in conjunction with an original piece. In this sense, it acts like a musical remix or an old-school B-side dub mix.


“Scanning for signals in darkness, for voices in static drift.
Hearing only the song of ghosts as they spark across circuits.
Name of planet: unknown. Ship destroyed. No signs of life.
Twin moons: one bone white, the other blood coloured.
Our captain buried the crew, then killed himself.
Patterns of rain across the curve of my visor.
Alone now. Battery low.
I am the last of the mechanisms. The coded remains of Planet Earth.”

You can hear some of the Ghost Codes project on Soundcloud here