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Ireland Bridge CD & Free Sampler

Ireland Bridge CD (2008). Available to buy here from our online shop


Track Listing:

1  Ireland Bridge
Trip to Greystoke/Teds Fingers/Francie Donnelans* 

2  The Gift
Kilkenny Jig*/Baby Kee’s/The Gift

3  Smallcoalpiper
The Barring/ 17year gap/Small coals and little money*

4  Mable
5  When it’s all over
The List/When it’s all over

6  Captain O’Kane**

7  Rattle the Cash
Red haired Polly*/Rattle the Cash*

8  The Lady’s cup of tea
To Limerick we will go*/The Lady’s cup of tea*/The Road to Lisdoonvarna*

9  River Rose
River Rose/I’m not complaining

10  Can’t help Smiling
Can’t help smiling/Skee’s Jig/The way it was

*Traditional arranged by Becky Taylor. All other tracks written and arranged by Becky Taylor with the exception of ** O’Carolan  arr. Taylor

Becky Taylor
Uilleann Pipes
Northumbrian Smallpipes
Duet Concertina

Featured Musicians:
Dave Wood
Guitar and bouzouki

David Kosky
Guitar on River Rose and Can’t help smiling

Paul Cowham
Guitar on Rattle the Cash

Leigh Stothard
Drums and percussion

Hugh Bradley
Electric and Upright Bass

Recorded by Neil Thomas at Versunken Landschaft Bingley, West Yorkshire  2005-2007

Post production by Murray Grainger at TMF studios, December 2007


Debut CD ‘Becky Taylor’ Free MP3 Audio Track & Sampler

Available to buy here from our online shop

“… an absolute delight.”
“… wonderful piping …”
(Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2 – February 2003)
“… a debut album high on technical merit and charm …”
(Colin Randall, Daily Telegraph – June 2003)
“… an album packed full of cracking tunes played with real panache …”
“… music to lift your spirits …”
(Paul Saunders, BBC Radio 2 – Folk & Acoustic – June 2003)
“… a real trad treat …”
(Sean Láffey, Irish Music Magazine – July 2003)
“A storming album …”
(Nick Beale, fROOTS Magazine – June 2003)
“… a joy to listen to …”
(Colin Ross, Chairman of the Northumbrian Pipers Society – July 2003)
“… an astonishing solo debut album …”
(Aidan Crossey, Pay The Reckoning – April 2003)
“Loads of great music both traditional and her own composition …”
(Mike Harding BBC Radio 2)
The Becky Taylor Band

Whisky Kiss Mp3

Becky Taylor:
Uilleann Pipes, Whistles, Fiddle, Duet Concertina and Northumbrian Pipes

Paul Cowham:

Guitar,  Vocal

Aidan Kilroy:

Hugh Bradley

Frances O’Rourke:

Mik Stevenson:

Neil Thomas:
Recorded and enginered by Neil Thomas at ‘BLUE ROOM’ studios in Bingley, released December 2002.

Paul Archer – Waiting for Rain CD

It’s somewhat of an understatement to say I am hugely proud to be involved with the long-awaited (and much overdue) CD by my musical mentor, maker of my fiddle and old friend Paul Archer. The CD features tunes mainly composed by Paul and features contributions from other well known North-Eastern traditional musicians Martin Matthews, Norman Holmes, Gerry Kaley, Jim O’Boyle and Tom Gilfellon.

As well as being a fine player and composer Paul also makes fabulous instruments – find more out about them at Archer Guitars – you can probably get a hold of a copy of the CD there too. Happy Days!

Waiting for Rain
Waiting for Rain

Azimuth P – Zemlya Nol (Азимут Р — Zемля Nоль)

Denis Rozov

Here’s an interesting album which I had the pleasure to record a couple of tracks for last year in Russia.

The brainchild of Denis Rozov – voice, guitar and mandolin; Boris Rubekin – whistle, flute, piano, keyboards, and  Andrew Bayramov – bodhran, djembe, congas, cajon, shaker, tambourine. cymbals.





The guest musicians line-up is impressive featuring:

Oleg Shar – djembe (10), shaker (4,6,8,10), rainstick (9), tambourine, guiro and other percussion
Andrew Surotdinov – Violin (6, 8) Alto (10)
Andrey Svetlov – bass (2,3,5,9,11)
Alexander Titov – double-bass NS NXT5 (10)
Nicholas Zatolochny – bass (1.7)
Brian Finnegan – B-Flute and whistle ( 1)
Becky Taylor – uilleann pipes (5.6)
Anton Boyarskikh – trombone (1)
Asya Sergeeva – celtic harp (4,12)
Kirill Raskolenko – fiddle (3,5,11)
Alexander Gorbunov – viola (12)
Renata Ulumbekova – violin (4)
Maria Shestakov – violin (4)
Anton Shestakov – viola (4)
Galina Chmerina – cello (4)
Svetlana Fedorova – violin (10)
Dmitry O. – accordion (9,10,11)
Sergey Starodubtcev – mandolin (10)
Vladimir Gusev – dobro (2,7)
Vladimir Belov – electric cello & loop station (11)
Parliament Tomilova – voice (1,2,9,10) Seraphim – voice (1)

Words and music Denis Rozov
Arrangements Denis Rozov and Boris Rubekin
Recording  Boris Rubekin Reduction and Denis Rozov

Recorded: May 2011 – August 2013 (St. Petersburg-Moscow)

You can listen and download it and find out more details here:

Ireland Bridge Review (FolkWorld CD Reviews – by Alex Monaghan)

Becky Taylor “Ireland Bridge”
Label: Own Label; 10 tracks; 38 min
From the North of England, this young uilleann piper combines Irish music with aspects of English, Breton and other traditions. Her second album is aptly named. In a little under forty minutes, Becky Taylor stravagues through a musical landscape from Tyneside to Donegal. Francis Donnellan’s, Rattle the Cash and The Kilkenny Jig sit alongside her own compositions, which often have a slightly English feel. As well as the Irish pipes, Ms Taylor plays Northumbrian smallpipes, concertina, fiddle and whistles. She’s joined by several friends: Dave Wood, David Kosky and Paul Cowham on guitars, Leigh Stothard on drums, and Hugh Bradley on bass. For those who heard her debut CD, Ireland Bridge is a big step forward and presents Becky as a piper to be reckoned with.
The Gift mixes rustic modal melodies with the world music sound of Barely Works or Oyster Band numbers. Smallcoalpiper is a contemporary Northumberland showpiece, full of pops and stops, with a driving topline and a strong beat, finishing on the classic Small Coals. The air Mable strays across the Celtic rim, somewhere along an imaginary line between Callanish and Compostella. When It’s All Over is a little further West, halfway across that Ireland bridge; a pair of breakneck whistle reels a la Finnegan or McGoldrick. Track 6 is firmly on Irish soil, Carolan’s Captain Kane. The traditional jigs Red Haired Polly and Rattle the Cash keep us there, and The Lady’s Cup of Tea adds some very fine Irish piping. Becky’s style is open and uncomplicated, and the melody comes through strongly. The stately air River Rose leads into an impressive whistle solo. Can’t Help Smiling rounds off this recording with a medley of jigs, leaving no doubt as to Becky Taylor’s abilities: a fine command of her instrument, a repertoire as wide as these islands, and a gift for contemporary composition. Ireland Bridge is good solid pipering from start to finish, and should broaden the horizons of most traditional musicians.
Alex Monaghan

This review appeared on the FolkWorld webiste, Issue 36 published  July 2008 Folkworld CD Reviews